Many casino loyalists simply cannot fathom the idea of giving up the fast paced environment of a traditional casino. Whether it’s the scantily clad cocktail waitresses, the dim lights and smoky atmosphere or the bells and whistles of the slots, many brick and mortar casino players simply refuse to give up or even try online slots.

The big question many who have yet to set foot inside a live casino is, are live slots really better than online slot machines?

Most slot lovers who have played both will tell you there is a difference but each environment has its benefits. For those of you still not quite convinced, let’s take a look.


If you live in a big city or within driving distance of a live casino then chances are good that you prefer that option because it is what you’re used to and relatively convenient. But for many online gamers accessibility of online slot machines gives it a huge advantage over live casinos.

Unless you live in Las Vegas then chances are good that there isn’t a casino that you can reach in 30 minutes or less. If you’ve worked a long day or simply want to play a few slots to unwind, you can easily sit down to your computer—beer in hand—and be at a slot machine within minutes.

When it comes to easy access online slots have the edge.

Learning Curve

One of my favorite things about playing online slot machines is that they often have quick tutorials so that you understand what you’re doing before you feed the machine. At Casino.Net all you have to do is click on the slot game and you can find out how you win, accumulate bonus points and bonus rounds and even find out the pay scale…all of that before you’ve even started to play.

This differs greatly from live casinos where you simply have to employ a trial and error approach to slot machines. This can be especially difficult if you’re new to slot machines and don’t quite understand the pay lines and the slot machine lingo. With online slots you can take your time and play when you feel confident you know how to play.

Better Payouts

Since online casinos generally have less overhead than live casinos they can provide slots players with slightly better payouts. Online casinos have to remain competitive in an industry where there seems to be a new online casino popping up every week, so they find creative ways to offer players more ways to win.

One way that online slot machines are superior to the live casino environment is progressive jackpots that are available at all levels of play. Traditional casinos encourage maximum bets to win really big whereas online casinos, like Casino.Net offer jackpots whether you bet €0.01 or €1.00.

Bigger Bankroll

Let’s just get it out there in the open; when you play online slot machines you have a little more money to play with because you don’t have to pay to travel to the casino. Think about the money you would spend on gas, public transportation or a meal. Well all of that money can now be funneled into your slot machine bankroll because you’re going to slip into some comfy clothes and sit down at home to win slots.

This is an important factor since many people don’t live within a hundred miles of a traditional casino. This means you don’t have to save up for a weeklong trip to a casino destination; you can simply use that money to play and increase your chances of winning big at your favorite online casino.


No matter how large the live casino, they can never have as many themed slot machines as an online casino. Because it is all about the software rather than big bulky machines, you can play a wide variety of themed slots to suit any player.

Sure you may not get to hear all the casino noises when you play, but you can win bigger without leaving the comfort of your home.