Find out How You can Win More at Online Slots Tournaments.


Online slots tournaments are always exciting but if you do not understand the rules or lose track of your actions then you can end up losing money. You can always play some free online slots tournaments where you do not have to bet any real money. This will help you to get familiar with the rules and more importantly how you should play.


There are two major differences between playing a slot solo and participating in a tournament. Playing sole lets you choose a game of your choice and you can play anytime you want. Playing a tournament limits both. You will have to play a game that has been chosen by the online casino and you must play when the tournament is on. The slots chosen by casinos are usually popular so you may not be surprised with the options. Playing at a scheduled time on a certain date is also not that much of an issue. However, the second difference is quite important. You have to be fast. You cannot take your own leisurely time to decide when to spin. Other players will be spinning at the same time so you must get into action quickly. You cannot have your own pace of playing or spinning.


There are three reasons why people like playing online slots tournaments. The first reason is the cap on how much you are betting. A tournament has a buy-in, unless it is free. The buy-in is all you are going to invest. You do not have to be uncertain of how much you should keep wagering to eventually win a kind of sum that you want. The second reason is the prize money. The return is much more generous than what you may win at a solo slot game. Tournaments usually do not have progressive jackpots so you are unlikely to win as much. However, the winnings are more than what slots routinely belt out.


The third reason is perhaps the most significant and it pertains to odds. When you play solo, your chances of winning with just one spin may be between ten thousand and hundred thousand. Your chance may be one in a million at some slots. These are daunting odds. You may still win but there is a huge probability you will not with just one spin. In a tournament, these odds come down dramatically.


Let us assume a prize money of a thousand wherein the buy in is ten bucks. Only a hundred players are needed to pay the buy in to get to the prize pool. You are playing against ninety nine people. Your chance of winning is one in a hundred. These are much better odds than what you will be fighting against when you play a slot solo.


Online slots tournaments also offer many more spins for much less money compared to regular slots. The specific rules of a tournament will have some standard terms and there may be some distinct guidelines. Always understand the rules of the tournament before you sign up.