Have a look at some of the most traditional toto hk myths nowadays. Discover what people still believe in about lotteries, but they shouldn’t.

Looking for a great toto hk to register and play lottery games all day long? Want to do something about your poor financial situation and just decided to buy a lottery ticket every day from the store where you go shopping for some groceries?

Or you are just another big lottery lover who doesn’t love any slots, poker or other casino games and register only in websites with lottery sections?

In all cases, don’t start playing lottery games today without reading this material till its end. In this article we have gathered especially for you one extremely big pack of myths. Of course, they are all related with myths. And while you are reading them, don’t forget that they are myths, but not facts and know that we don’t lie to you at all. Some people really believe in these lottery misconceptions:

  1. Once you win the biggest lottery jackpot it becomes your destiny. In other words, there are people who are totally sure that the lottery winners are set for being such till the end of their lives. It is a bit logical to believe in such a thing, because indeed, in the lottery game history we know a couple of similar cases. For instance, there’s a Romanian guy who won the lottery in his own country and later when he immigrated in the States, he got the lottery jackpot there, too.
  2. If you are an American lottery winner it is better to opt for the alternative to get an annual payment for your entire win. For instance, imagine you win from the lottery 10 thousands of USD. According to this myth, it is better for you to receive 1 000 USD per each year within the next 10 years and thus you will save a lot of money, although in the last year you will get less than 1 000 USD. Why? Because lottery wins in the States are charged with taxes. And the myth says you are going to be charged with less if you get the annual payment option. It’s absolutely on the contrary – you will save most of the fees by getting the lump sum!
  3. No matter what you do avoid telling you are winner if you get the lucky lottery ticket. First of all, there are lotteries and countries where the lottery winner should be on mandatory announced and presented to people. As you can think off, such a law is based on the fact that there are so many myths like these and lots of conspiracy theories. On the other side, if you actually hold such a big secret for such a long time, you are not going to need this money at all. Scientists claim that when a person hides a big secret like this, there’s a big risk for his mental health.

There are of course, plenty of other myths about lotteries, but it seems that a lot of lottery lovers believe specifically in these ones. And did you?