When it comes to making excuses in the casino, we’ve all had a few. You lost that hand because you were sick, hungry or distracted with new love or any other number of excuses. Sure, they are reasons but more than anything those explanations are just excuses. Some days it is just your turn to lose, but often the culprit of your cold streak is usually emotions.

Don’t allow these excuses to negatively impact your bankroll.

My Luck Is Changing
While it is true that some of the winning and losing that occurs in a casino is due to luck, relying on it as part of your strategy is just an excuse. If you’ve been having a bad day and you’re quickly losing your bankroll for the day, don’t use luck as an excuse to play even after your daily bankroll is gone.

Using the “my luck is changing” excuse to allow yourself to play longer than you should will only result in having less money to play with tomorrow.

The Odds Were In My Favor
If you’re a player that knows the odds of your favorite casino games then you already have a leg up on many players who don’t. Knowing your odds of winning a game can help you not only formulate a strategy, but know when to implement it. The key is not using the odds as an excuse to act erratically.

The odds are a guide for you to act, not a steadfast rule book for you to follow. The odds can be in your favor and you can still lose.

This Cold Streak Has To End
There are those days when the cards, dice and slots seem to be lined up against you. It seems as though no matter what you do you can’t seem to win a game. When the inevitable cold streak rears its ugly head, you can ride it out. Most of the time the streak lasts just a few hours, but on those days when it seems never ending don’t bank on the streak ending.

Trying to wait for your cold streak to warm up when your bankroll is dwindling is a great way to end up with no money at all.

I Just Need More Time
Time is infinite yet the time you have to turn around bad luck is not. There is a reason that the casino experts tell you to figure out how much money to play with each day and stick to it. If you allow yourself free reign to play until your luck turns around, you could easily lose a week or a month worth of bankrolls before that happens.

When you’re in the heat of play, allowing yourself a few excuses so you can calm down and keep playing is acceptable. But allowing those excuses to persist when you’re reflecting on the day’s and reworking strategies, is not. Making excuses gives you a built-in reason for every misstep you make and for every strategy you decide not to follow.

Next time you make an excuse ask yourself why you really lost that hand or game or round.