Have some read of these cool totobet facts to have a rest from playing in angkabursa.net. Read our chart for the most amazing and unbelievable lotto stories of all time.

Totobet lovers are doubtlessly keen in reading unbelievable stories about lottery wins, winners and coincidences in the field. They tend to motivate from such facts and interesting things, which is why we strongly appreciate your interest in the field of such entertaining materials, too. The truth is that the lotto sphere is so ancient and popular that nowadays we can point out plenty of such kickass facts. If you ready to learn some of them, please, don’t stop reading.

  • There’s a stat according to which less than half of the lotto winners gain weight and what is even more important about 33% of those who predicted the lucky numbers correctly devote to a healthier lifestyle with proper diet, including weight loss programs, after hitting the jackpot. To be more specific, the statistics say that nearly 31% of the winners put on weight drastically after winning the lottery.
  • Is being lucky genetically predicted? It might turn out that if there’s someone from your family who won the lottery, you might have a bigger chance to win, too, rather to someone who’s not your relative. To prove that, we will tell you the story of a Spanish family, who participated in a Christmas Lottery at the same time and all of the seven members, gained a prize.
  • Even though nowadays totobet lovers trust lottery providers, there was a case back in the days when people from a certain country lost their trust to this game. The population of Zimbabwe had a period of time when believing that the national lottery is corrupted. It happened when their national president won from a single ticket the entire annual jackpot.
  • Some specialists claim that lottery is nothing else, but a moment of having the luck for an entire nation. They might be proud of their theory when finding out about the story of Mohammad Basheer. This lottery winner had one of his luckiest days in April, 2016th On that same day Basheer was on the airport in Dubai where he bought a lotto ticket. The plane, though, crashed before landing and here’s what – Basheer wasn’t just one of the few people, who survived the plane crash, but his ticket appeared to be winning with a prize at an amount of up to one million of USD.
  • In India, the national government decided to deal with the overpopulation crisis with lottery. What the government did is to encourage people to get sterilized in an exchange of being listed in a big national lottery which every single week made amazing prizes. It’s a curious fact that just like at https://www.angkabursa.net/ the Indian national lottery had lots of materialistic gifts like cars.
  • It’s a sad story that about 90% of the lotto winners claim that after getting the jackpot and telling about their luck to their surrounding people, they started losing friends.