Celebrity Bingo Fans

We all love a game of bingo or three now and again, but did you know that celebrities are no strangers to the bingo hall (or online variation) as well?

Perhaps the most well-known celeb bingo fan is Denise van Outen, who has been spotted time and again down her local bingo hall in Essex. Sticking with the female theme, Cheryl Cole and Sharon Osbourne have both admitted to loving a bit of bingo, with Sharon holding such a passion for the game that she’s become the celebrity face of a rather famous bingo brand in the UK. Ozzie would be proud!

You may think that those tough and hard footballers who grace Premier League football pitches up and down the country would never admit to a penchant for bingo, but how wrong you would be! David Wheater, of Bolton fame and a favourite among fotboll betting fans with users of sites such as Unibet, used to head down to his local hall in Yorkshire when he played for Championship side Middlesbrough. With Bolton now relegated to the Championship for next season, perhaps the defender might have more opportunities to head to that part of the country for a piece of bingo action.

Despite the fact that Robbie Williams and the other Take That lads have also made their love for bingo known, it’s not just TV personalities, pop stars, and English footballers who enjoy bingo; Prince William himself was apparently once spotted taking a break from intense physical training at Sandhurst in order to settle down for a cup of tea, a biscuit, and a bingo game or three. Reports state that the Prince failed to win anything, despite spending a whopping £5 on tickets! Kate wouldn’t be proud!

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