What should I look for in a bingo site?

Questions are often asked about what one should be looking for in a bingo site, so we thought we’d provide an overview to give you a solid grounding in what it is exactly you should look out for when choosing your next bingo site, and how to see straight past the gimmicks so that you can pick a bingo site you’ll want to visit again and again.

1) Make sure your money is safe
The first thing to check is if the bingo site is registered and licensed with a gaming authority. Does the site have a good reputation? Have you heard of them before? Do they appear on any reputable bingo review sites? What do other people say about them? Its rare for anything to happen, and usually just boils down to common sense, but make sure you ask yourself the questions above before signing up for peace of mind. Do I know who im about to hand over my hard earned cash to?

2) Sign up offers
Once you have found a bingo site that you like, look out for welcome offers as this is the best time to get a good deal. It is important to read the conditions of the sign up offers such as any criteria you have to fulfil in order to receive the offer, and whether or not they have any clauses. A brief read of their Terms and Conditions upon signing up should clarify this. There are two main types of sign up offers:

First Deposit Match
When signing up, most bingo sites will offer you a ‘first deposit match’ up to a certain limit. This means for every pound you deposit (minimum deposits are usually £5-£10), they will match your deposit pound for pound. You can see our full list of bingo reviews here. Some sites such as wink bingo will offer you a 200% match up to £100 pounds, meaning that if you deposit £100, you’ll have £300 in your bingo account.

Free Bingo Money, No Deposit
Some bingo sites offer you some free money, with no deposit required in return for registering your details (usually including a credit card to verify you are who you say you are) with their site. These are a good opportunity to see if you like the actual game before committing to depositing any of your own money. You should note however that you will not be able to withdrawn any winnings made with your free bingo money if you have not yet deposited any of your own money. We have a list of Free Bingo Money, no deposit offers here.

3) Promotions
Once your welcome bonus has gone, you’re going to want a bingo site that keeps offering you something of value, so looking at the sort of promotions a site holds is definitely worth a look. Do the prizes interest you? Do they tempt you in any way? There are many sites out there, so if you are looking for a good site that you’d like to continue playing bingo at, make sure the promotions are enough to keep you going back.
4) Schedule (Times and Prices)
In addition to promotions, look at a bingo sites schedule and see if they hold the sort of games that also interest you. Do they have tickets in your price range, are the full house prizes enough for you? Many sites offer value games such a penny bingo (see article here), Free Bingo Games (see article here), and BOGOF (buy one ticket get one free).

5) Win-ability
Make sure the bingo site offers games of all prices and numbers. If you prefer winability over the size of a prize and amount of players, then ensure the site offers enough bingo rooms for you to play bingo with the maximum amount of people you’d like.

6) Jackpots
We all dream of winning big, and it really can happen with the size of some bingo sites jackpots. These jackpots are in addition to the usual line prizes, and vary as to when they can be won. For instance, Gala Bingo has a ‘Cash Climber’ jackpot which can be won at any time for calling full house in 32 balls or under, which has been known to get past £100k. They also offer smaller jackpots called ‘spotlight’ which run every half hour in their bingo rooms and require you to claim house in 45 balls or under.

7) Loyalty Schemes
Some bingo sites offer you rewards and incentives for staying with them. The more you deposit and play, the more loyalty points you receive. Some sites offer different mechanisms for their loyalty points, but looking out for some form of loyalty scheme may be of interest to you. Some bingo sites also offer you up to 50% deposit match on all subsequent deposits after your initial welcome bonus.
8) Chat and Community Features
Once you are happy that the bingo site will provide you with the quality bingo games and promotions you are looking for, don’t forget the community side of things! Bingo is a social game, and if you’re the sort of person who enjoys making new friends and likes a bit of banter, whether or not a site has some form of community feature may be important.

Virtually all bingo sites have a chat system enabling you to chat to fellow bingo players during the game, but maybe you want something more? Sites such as Wink Bingo and Tombola take the community side of things further with their own social site where you can add buddies and upload photos as well as post messages.


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