Want Instant Fun? Try Instant Games

When word got to us recently of the fantastic sums of money that Wink Bingo players have been winning on Wink Bingos instant games, we thought we’d take a closer look and share with you just why there is more to online bingo than bingo itself.

Any of our readers will know how much we enjoy a good game of online bingo, they’ll also have noticed that we don’t cover much else on this site other than games of bingo, but there is in fact a whole other face to online bingo, and this comes in the form of instant games. Instant games refer to a variety of simple games that users can play, such as scratch cards or Hi-Lo style games.

If you’ve played online bingo before, you’re bound to be familiar with their concept. Amongst some of the most popular varieties are scratch cards, they are just like their real life counter parts, and are easy to play with little to no instructions needed.

What has really been incredible are the sums of money won on these games. Remember Keith R from Jackpotjoy who won a life changing £1.3m on the popular Deal or No Deal instant game? Well there have been many big winners in the past on these instant games, which not only provide a bit of a fun and excitement but the possibility to change someone’s life forever.

Wink Bingo saw a few lucky winners in June including user ‘Mmtab’ who won £12,368.07 on Fluffy Favourites game. Mmtab said of their win “I like Wink Bingo very much because is it’s a very nice bingo site, chat hosts are friendly, people are very friendly and when I won the two big instant games I was so delighted that I had to play more”.

Then there was user ‘avz’ who won £2,000 on a scratchcard. “It was a great joy when I found out that I had won this huge amount. Wink Bingo is the BEST. I was just trying out this instant game and to my surprise, BINGO. I had won! YAYYY.

These weren’t the only big winners on Wink Bingo, and needless to say they’ll all enter July on a big high! So well done to them, and we hope you win this month too!


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