Mecca Bingo – Roll-on July, We Can’t Wait!

Mecca Bingo, you only have to say the name “Mecca” in the UK and people will know you are not referring to the Holy City of Mecca, but to the UK bingo brand Mecca. It is after all the second largest bingo operator in the UK! As such it is logical that they should have an online bingo presence and they do, the site is a big hit with fans in the UK.

June was a great month for the site, but it has come to an end so this is the time of the month that we have a kind of hiatus happening. Basically the June promotions have ended and July’s haven’t started yet. So it is a bit late to get into monthly draws and those kinds of games, however its not to late to join the site, become a member and play a few games while we wait for all the lovely new promotions to be launched.

If you register as a member of Mecca Bingo, they will give you a 200% bonus, up to a maximum value of £50. So if you deposit £25, they give you another £50 completely free of charge. This money funds your account quite nicely and makes sure you have plenty to explore the site and games when you are new to it. When you get double the money, you also get double the fun.

Every Thursday in June was a slots cash-back day for players in any of the new Vegas games valued at a fiver. There was also a magnificent £1 million on offer in the Thursday and Friday night MegaJackpots. And on a Friday night members were being offered the opportunity to win a share of £10,000.

To qualify for a chance to win this prize money, members had to spend £10 a day from Monday to Thursday. All players who have done this are invited into a private room where they get the chance to win while they play all the different variants of bingo. So these games are games with a difference, as you get to play 90, 80, 75, pattern, speed, club and joker jackpot bingo. It is a real mixed bag, and completely exciting as well as compelling to play.

It often surprises me how long it takes some online bingo sites to remove their old bingo promotions from the previous month and put up their new ones, some of the online bingo sites obviously haven’t automated this task yet so we shall wait to see how long Mecca Bingo take this time (they are usually quite quick!). Perhaps they are on it right now as I type. In which case I’ll start preparing a juicy article with Mecca Bingos July highlights! Roll on July…..

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