Game Village Bingo – A Great Community

One of the beauties of playing online bingo is the fact that you are able to be part of a like-minded community. Everyone finds the social aspect of playing bingo a much bigger thrill than the actual winning of prizes, and Game Village Bingo has one of the most active and interesting communities available online. It is so much fun to actually be a part of this very special community.

This is because the operators of this site have gone out of their way to make the community at this site completely unique. Loyalty points are earned and the more you have of these the higher your standing in the community. The loyalty levels range from house to castle owner and this determines your status in the community. It is not about financial hierarchy, it is about social standing and tenure, and home owners are basically rewarded for their loyalty.

Game Village bingo is also one of only two online bingo sites in the UK with their own radio station. And for this they have been nominated for the Bullet Business online bingo “new innovation” award to be handed out at the Online Bingo summit which runs from the 16th to 17th June this year in London. But it is not only their innovative radio station which the have the potential of being recognized for, it is also elimination bingo.

Elimination bingo is a completely new concept and is sees players entering the Devil’s Den to play if they dare. In this game players are required to match the least amount of numbers in order to be able to win, so if you see one to go on your bingo card in this game, you know you are on the losing end of the game. Tickets into the game are cheap, but you have to be a daredevil to play. The Den is open every evening from 7 – 10pm so enter is you dare and pay your 5p per ticket (minimum buy-in of 3) and see if you can be the loser to win in this game.

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