Biggest Online Bingo winners of all time – Jackpotjoy?

With Mecca Bingo recently announcing their biggest ever online bingo winner who scooped an incredible £1.2m while playing the popular Clover Rollover, it now begs the question as to who is the biggest online bingo winner of all time?

Currently we reckon technically that Gala Bingo hold the title to the biggest online bingo winner who won a whopping £1m while playing their massively publicised KerChingo bingo promotion 2 years a go, which saw its TV, Land based and online bingo channels come together for this knock out promotion. Luckily for the winner this was a game that was only ever going to see one winner walk away with the jackpot full house game of £1m.

The game was broadcast on Gala TV and streamed through the web to ensure the game got even bigger publicity.

However, in terms of online bingo winners finding the biggest bingo winner depends on how we defined this title. If we define this title as bingo players who won the money on an online bingo site, and not necessarily while playing a game of bingo but on one of the many other games that these online bingo sites offer, then we have a couple of bingo sites up for the title.

Firstly of course there is Mecca Bingos lucky £1.2m winner who goes by the name of ‘house73’ in the bingo chat rooms:

“I was at home playing on Mecca while my husband was watching the television. I had been playing the Clover Rollover for several weeks trying to win the jackpot. I must have blinked as I didn’t see the clovers roll in, the screen just started flashing and music was playing and a sign came up saying I had won the progressive jackpot. I just shouted “I’ve won, I’ve won!”

This value pails in comparison to Mecca Bingos recent announcement of an online bingo player BELLE08 who won £111k playing the popular slot game Lucky Laddies 88.

But does anyone remember Kieth R from Jackpotjoy? Keith R was a market trader who headed home early after a quiet days trading. This was probably the best decision he has ever made in his life, he went on that evening to win a staggering £1,365,996.64 playing Deal or No Deal when he hit the jackpot.

Do you know of any bigger winners? If so please get in contact with us or post your comments below!

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