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The great thing about online bingo is that each bingo operator is free to easily bring you their own ‘version’ or take on the game. While you will find many different prize structures, 90 ball bingo is usally consistent in terms of the rules.

90 Ball Bingo is the most popular form of Bingo in the UK, with it’s roots firmly established though out the country in traditional land based bingo clubs, you will find this form of bingo the most popular amongst the online bingo sites.

In order to take part in a game of bingo you will first need to buy a ticket(s) . Normally, tickets can be purchases individually or in ‘strips’. Each ticket contains 27 squares, consisting of 9 columns and 3 rows. Within these squares, only 15 of them will have a number in. A strip contains 6 tickets, within these 6 tickets you will find all 90 numbers! Purchasing a strip will ensure you always have a number to mark off every time a number is called out.

When people first start playing bingo, or see bingo being played, they often wonder how people are able to dab off the numbers so quickly as they are being called out. It could be down to practice! But it’s probably down to the fact that the numbers are arranged logically (numbers 1-9 in the first column of a strip, numbers 10-19 in the second column, and so forth).

Online bingo differs however in that there is no need to dab your tickets if you prefer not to. You will often see an option ‘Auto dab tickets’ or similar, ‘dabbing’ is the name given to marking off your numbers as they are called. With auto dabbing selected your tickets are automatically marked and you will be notified if you win. This usually leaves players free talk to each other in the chat rooms or to participate in chat games.

Once the game starts (usually a set time or when a certain amount of tickets have been sold) a bingo caller will call out numbers until all numbers on someones ticket have been called out.

When playing for money, a certain percentage of the ticket sales will go towards the ‘prize board’. The prize structure in UK 90 Ball is known is as follows:

One Line
Won by the first person or persons to have marked off one complete row on their bingo ticket
Two Line
Won by the first person or persons to have marked off two complete rows on their bingo ticket
Full House
Won by the first person or persons to have marked off all numbers on their ticket
It is possible to have more than one winner per prize. When this situation occurs the prize is split equally amoungst the winners. The one line prize is the smallest of the prizes with Full House being the largest. In landbased 90 ball bingo, a user must make themselves heard in order to claim a prize. In an online bingo game no shouting is required, and you will be credited winnings should your bingo tickets hold a wi.


These are the general rules for 90 ball bingo, but as online bingo grows, so too does the variation in these games, which is what makes online bingo so fun!


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